About CBTE 2018

Recognized as an innovator in CBTE, Northwest Baptist Seminary (NBS) received an ATS Educational Models and Practices Innovation Grant for the purpose of sharing ideas and learnings with other theological institutions to help establish and sustain CBTE practices within the broad world of theological education. Through this grant, NBS committed to:

  • Organize the CBTE 2018 conference to articulate and promote best practices in the development and offering of competency-based theological education programs in theological institutions
  • Develop a suite of tactics and templates to support consultation with organizations in development of their own CBTE programs. Many of these new resources will be included with conference registration
  • Lead formation of an Institute in Competency-Based Theological Education to provide leadership and guidance in CBTE, and assume ongoing management of future conferences.

Our vision for this inaugural conference is to:

  • Assemble the growing community of educators who are interested in or committed to competency-based theological education
  • Bring together people with CBTE ideas and experience, and explore latest research, recommendations, and best-practices
  • Share insights and opportunities to learn from experts and those initiating/leading new programs
  • Report on current CBTE programs, statistics, and outcomes from the perspective of employers, students, school administration and faculty
  • Provide opportunity for attendees to network and build new connections
  • Establish a network of colleagues interested in receiving ongoing communication on the advancement, design, development, and implementation of high-quality CBTE programs
  • Foster collaboration on CBTE programs and alignment across institutional and denominational boundaries
  • Have participants leave with a clear sense of what CBTE is, its potential benefits, and what’s needed to transition programs from a traditional model to CBTE model