The CBTE CoP is led by a team that plans and supports events, activities and communications. Its role is to plan and facilitate CoP gatherings, collect, curate and assemble information and questions about CBTE, practice CBTE philosophy in their organizations, and coordinate communication with the broader community about CBTE.

Members of the Lead Team volunteer their time to invest in the development, growth and continuous improvement of CBTE as an educational approach. Each member is actively engagedĀ  schools or organizations operating, growing or supporting CBTE programs.

Greg Henson
Kairos University
Ruth McGillivray
Executive Vice President,
Northwest Seminary
Julie Lytle
Associate Professor of Educational Leadership,
Bexley Seabury
Susan Reese
Professor of Spiritual Formation,
Kairos University
Nathan Hitchcock
Sevensided Consulting
Dr. Stephen Graham
Strategic Director of Context and Continuity, Director of Accrediting,
Association of Theological Schools