CBTE 2024 Conference

Join us at CBTE 2024 from November 11-14, at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, CO. CBTE 2024 runs as a cohort within CBExchange 2024.

CBTE 2024 runs as a cohort within CBExchange.

Our vision is to gather a community of individuals interested in or committed to competency-based theological education in order to:

  • share ideas, insights and best-practices,
  • explore theories, approaches and advancements, and
  • foster networking and collaboration.

The CBTE Cohort participates in the full CBExchange Conference, gleaning from leading minds in CBE. The CBTE Cohort meets twice a day for stimulating conversation on implementing and applying CBE concepts to theological education.

The opportunity to share and learn across disciplines is invaluable.

CBExchange is the premier conference for leaders who recognize that individuals should advance in work and education based on their skills.

Advancement in education and career should be based on what you can do – known as competencies – or the set of knowledge, skills, and behaviors that lay the foundation for your success. C-BEN is driving transformation in learning and hiring systems, changing not just how we define competency, but also how we design learning, and assess for skills.

What makes CBExchange unique is the wide breadth of attendees at the intersection of learning and work using skills to create better futures. Our annual conference is where passion, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence combine to create a better path forward — because we all deserve an approach to recognizing skills that works for everyone.

C-BEN convenes the network annually at CBExchange to energize everyone invested in a shift to a skills-based system, making CBExchange the premiere event for change-makers who are committed to driving these transformations. Attendees include post-secondary faculty and administrators, K-12 teachers and district leaders, human resource managers, learning and development officers, curriculum development specialists, researchers, industry/employers, and policy leaders from around the globe.

We hope you will plan to join us!

Session topics include:

  • Leveraging partnerships to define competencies and skills for job descriptions and learning programs, including competency or skills frameworks and languages
  • Performance-based assessment strategies, including innovations in leveraging AI and technology
  • Best practices in aligning skills-based pathways where all learning can count and facilitate economic mobility
  • Designing personalized and differentiated learning experiences at scale
  • Using competency-based curriculum to transform the skill development of workers and learners
  • Business and funding models for new learning structures, including ROI and tracking outcomes
  • Technology innovations in skills-first models, including competency management and skills matching
  • Signaling verified skills through Learning and Employment Records (LERs) and using LERs in skills-based hiring
  • Policy issues and government actions to facilitate shifts to skills-based economies in learning and workforce systems
  • Innovations in quality assurance using skills


Pre-Conference Sessions will be held on Monday, November 11 for an additional registration fee of $329 for C-BEN Members/$429 non-members.