The following sessions were presented at CBTE2019 as part of CBExchange. Thank you for the presenters for offering to provide their presentations.

CBTE Curriculum Design Workshop (PowerPoint)
Emily Askew, Assoc. Prof of Theology, Lexington Theological Seminary
Kajle Radbourne, Assoc. Dir of Operations, Northwest Seminary

Exploring CBTE: Embracing the Philosophy, Not Replicating a Model (PowerPoint)
Amy Kardash, President, In Trust Center for Theological Schools

An Exploration of the Perception of and Experience with CBTE Among Select Senior Administrators, Faculty, and Students: A Case Study (PowerPoint, Video)
Karla McGehee, Associate Director of Innovative Learning, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

 Leading to Achieve the CBTE Value Proposition (PowerPoint, Video)
Kent Anderson, President, Northwest Baptist Seminary

CBTE as a Road to Formation in Students and Faculty (PowerPoint, Video)
Christy Hill, Professor of Spiritual Formation and Women’s Ministry, Grace Theological Seminary

Program Design Factors (PowerPoint, Video)
John Lillis, Provost, Grace Theological Seminary

How to Launch a CBTE Pilot (PowerPoint, Video)
Nathan Hitchcock, Consultant, Sevensided Consulting

Association of Theological Schools (ATS) Accreditation Standards for CBTE (Video)
Stephen Graham, Senior Director of Programs and Services, ATS
Tom Tanner, Director of Accreditation, ATS

Managing for Success of Gen Z and Millennial Students in CBTE (PowerPoint)
Jeromey Martini, President, Horizon College & Seminary

Technology Needs for CBTE Program Operation (PowerPoint)
Mike Ruest, Executive Director, Symporus
Greg Henson, President, Sioux Falls Seminary

Marketing CBTE: Strategies for Identifying and Recruiting Students Who Will Thrive (PowerPoint, Video)
Trent Erickson, Chief Operating Officer, Northwest Baptist Seminary