Please feel free to read through our 2021 conference schedule to get an idea of what we are all about.

Main Conference

Conference Schedule

CBTE 2021 was an opportunity for theological educators to gather in-person and online to explore one of the most exciting innovations in theological education in decades.

While CBTE and CBE share much in common, emphasis on mission, church and character formation uniquely shape CBTE program design and delivery. Our goal was to discuss implementing and expanding CBTE philosophy and practices in theological education.

Our Pre-Conference – CBTE Boot Camp: An Introduction to CBTE

Our boot camp was aimed at those interested in CBTE but finding themselves confused by unfamiliar terms, conflicting definitions and differing models. The day presented an overview of concepts, delivery models and curriculum design. Through presentation and discussion, participants:

  • Discussed underlying philosophies of CBTE and how they translated into program principles and practices;
  • Discussed the differences between CBE and CBTE, introducing terms and definitions;
  • Compared and contrasted a variety of CBTE delivery models, including purposes and contexts;
  • Compared and contrasted assessment models;
  • Deconstructed a backwards design model for integrated curriculum and assessment;
  • Provided examples of CBTE curriculum; and
  • Discussed how to adapt conventional programs and course curriculums to CBTE.