Speaker Profiles: Amy Kardash and Jay Blossom

Amy Kardash and Jay Blossom

Moving an institution toward Competency-Based Theological Education is not something that a single visionary administrator can do alone. Rather, it requires collaboration among multiple constituencies, including administrators, board members, faculty members, and (often) denominational or church officials. That is, it requires competency in the skill of change management. How does this happen?

Amy Kardash (President) and Jay Blossom (Vice President for Communication) of the In Trust Center for Theological Schools will present the results of their qualitative research on this topic in a breakout session entitled  “All Aboard! Moving Ahead Without Leaving Key Players Behind.” Having interviewed leaders of schools (both within and outside of theological education) where competency-based education has been adopted, they’ll share what they’ve learned — where the process went smoothly, and where it didn’t — and offer some tips on moving forward collaboratively.

Learn more about Amy Kardash                                                Learn more about Jay Blossom

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